Charter Planes for Purpose: The Other Ways Private Jets Are Used

The image of typical jet-setters is often one of beautiful women in designer clothes exiting a limousine on the tarmac, or male business executives typing away and taking calls from their seats. Sometimes, that’s an accurate representation of the charter planes we book. Sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes our jet charters are for men with alzheimer’s, families stranded on hurricane-struck islands, women in wheelchairs, and even cargo aluminum cases stuffed with humanitarian aid supplies.

The other reasons people use charter planes

1. Charter planes for emergency evacuation

When hurricanes and severe storms tore across states and islands in the south last fall, many families turned to charter planes for emergency evacuation. They wanted to get out quickly, safely and with all their friends and family members, including the dog—before local airports closed and/or ran out of fuel. We, as well as other brokers, worked around the clock before and in the aftermath of Irma and Maria to evacuate client families—first from islands like St Thomas, Puerto Rico and Antigua, then Florida. We pulled aircraft from as far away as Kansas and Kentucky to support and bring clients to cities like New York and Chicago. The top reasons charter planes were chosen were this: 1. Private jet emergency flights can take off in just a few hours 2. Within an hour of takeoff, you can make it to a safe place 3. Emergency evacuation private charter flights are relatively affordable when you consider the number of people you can get on a plane. This review captures the hectic nature of the emergency evacuation charter planes we booked in those storms. emergency evacuation private jets Learn more about how private planes step in with emergency flights during disasters.


2. Private medical air ambulance travel

Brokers have immediate access to hundreds, if not thousands (we have access to more than 5,000) private planes that can quickly be manned with medical personnel for urgent med-flight care around the clock. Air ambulance aircraft are equipped with critical life support equipment, and offers reliable care from bed to bed at a moment’s notice.


3. Private plane travel for passengers with wheelchairs & health challenges

Commercial airports are a flurry of crowds, blinking signs, frantic dashes to lineups, and instructions over speakers. Over the years, we’ve catered to more and more families with a member who has memory loss or is simply aging and has more success traveling when the atmosphere is calm and quiet—which is private jet travel at its core.

Wheelchair-friendly charter planes like the Challenge 604 make air travel easier on seniors and those with different abilities. Photo courtesy of Oak Air Ltd.

We’ve also noticed more and more bookings for private jets that accommodate wheelchairs and oxygen tanks. Aircraft such as the Challenger 604 offer specially designed stairlifts and cabins that offer comfort and ease of movement that doesn’t get any better. Learn more about the cabin and process for booking charter jets for wheelchairs and oxygen tanks. 


4. Private jets for large groups

What happens when nearly two dozen members of a Texas church group on their way to a mission in Haiti misses their plane?

Church Group Jet Charter Flight

Stratos arranged a charter plane to come to the rescue for a Texas church group that missed a flight and would’ve had to call off their mission.

Fortunately for the members of the Friendswood Community Church, they called Stratos Jet Charters and we came through! All 22 members boarded the 30-passenger IBC Airways ER145, and Friendswood was able to carry on with their important work in Haiti. It’s still one of our favorite stories about chartering a jet for a large group. Not a lot of people know that brokers like us can do large group jet charter flights, or that it can be an economical as well as efficient way for teams, groups and families to travel—either last-minute or with plans well in advance.


5. Jet charters for cargo

Cargo Flight Charters When clients have goods that are just too delicate or too large for commercial aircraft transportation, and yet small enough for private jets, jet charters are an excellent solution. It’s also one of the fastest, simplest ways to ensure your goods meet your destination. Some of the items we’ve helped clients transport over the years include:

  • Peacekeeping supplies and humanitarian cargo
  • Dangerous goods
  • Automotive cargo
  • Aerospace equipment

Next time you see a private jet in the sky, remember it could be transporting life-saving or fascinating equipment! Learn more about our cargo jet charter services. How can Stratos Jet Charters put its obsession with safety and seamless travel experiences to work for you? Reach out to our agents and we’ll begin your charter planes quote!

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