An Eco-friendly Way to Fly with Private Jet Charter Services

Stratos celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Eco-Jet Program & offsetting emissions in private jet charter services.

It might seem contradictory, an eco-friendly approach to private jet charter services, but with more and more corporations as committed to environmental responsibility as they are to helping their business thrive through business aviation, we’re proud to have a pretty popular eco-jet charter program.

In celebration of Earth Day April 22, and to commemorate the 10th year of our Eco-jet Charter Program, we wanted to share how this environmental approach to private jet charter services came about, how it works, and the difference it’s made over the last decade.

How the Stratos Eco-jet Charter Program formed

We knew our clients needed the speed and convenience of private jet travel to help their companies thrive, but that they also wanted a way to offset carbon emissions. In 2007, we created a solution so business aviation clients could make a contribution to the environment.

Through a partnership with TerraPass, Stratos Jets offers carbon offsets—a monetary initiative that helps manage and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

How It Works & How It’s Made A Difference

TerraPass uses the proceeds from the Stratos Eco-jet program to build projects in communities across the United States that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in renewable energy.

As part of Stratos’s Offset Your Jet campaign, travellers can purchase a carbon offset that will cost less than one per cent of their total private jet charter price. That one per cent contribution allows jet travellers to make a significant impact as TerraPass is able to channel contributions for multiple businesses and individuals into large projects.

TerraPass uses offsets to support more tham 20 projects across the United States.

Initiatives include:

  • Farm power
  • Landfill gas capture
  • Clean energy from wind power
  • Abandoned coal mine methane capture
  • Improved forest management

In supporting these initiatives, Stratos Jet Charters and its private jet travellers have been doing their part to reduce the effect that carbon emissions have on the planet, one flight at a time.

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