When we founded Stratos in 2006, our mandate was to provide customized flight missions for every client. That includes individualized service for passengers with disabilities or mobility issues. Our clients sometimes tell us of a disabled colleague or family member who is reluctant to fly because of a frustrating experience with a commercial airline. We can empathize and offer an alternative. Flying with a disability on a private jet charter is a safe, personalized, comfortable way to travel. 

Here are four ways Stratos can make flying with a disability easier for you.


Airline safety has taken on a new meaning since 2020. Of course, our carriers maintain a high standard for mechanical safety and crew training, but also focus on bio-safety. Rest assured that aircraft interior surfaces are regularly disinfected, our crews follow CDC health protocols, and aircraft cabin air is refreshed by hospital-grade HEPA filters. Flying with a disability includes protecting your immune system.  

Executive-class Comfort

All the private jets in our network offer tailored comforts. Boarding is made easier with specialized wheelchair lifts. Once aboard, wheelchairs or other mobility aids can be safely stowed while the passenger relaxes in the plush seating.  Passengers will appreciate the wider aisles, accessible climate controls and entertainment consoles, and larger cabins with additional legroom. Likewise, our concierge Trip Support Team can arrange special in-flight meals, ground transportation, accommodation bookings, or anything else you need to ensure a stress-free flight.


Privacy is a huge advantage for all our clients, especially those flying with a disability.  Many of the jets in our network depart from private Fixed Base Operator terminals (FBOs). Security screening and baggage checks are discrete and efficient. Since most private jets in our network are designed to carry 5 to 15 passengers, you will only travel with your colleagues or family group.

Service Animals and Pets

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that service animals and pets are permitted to travel with you in the cabin. There are some safety rules and expectations which you can find on our Traveling With Pets page. But as a general rule, if your animal companions meet the safety criteria, they are welcome to enjoy the flight with you.

Our customized service ensures that those flying with a disability are as safe and comfortable as all our valued passengers. But please be aware that air charter demand has surged industry-wide. We highly recommend booking your flight as soon as possible to confirm we have the resources to assist your disabled passenger. And, of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our expert Stratos private flight agents at 888-593-9066. 



Soar past the limitations, and discover how Stratos can accommodate those with a disability. When you need a safe, private jet air charter, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.