For much of last year, international health restrictions limited our long-range flights. However, on-demand business aviation has adapted, and borders are re-opening for vaccinated travelers. So if your team has been anticipating travel to an international summit, trade fair, or holiday destination, we can help. Our network of heavy and ultra long-range jets is ideal for private international flights.

Here are four considerations for your next long-range flight.

Heavy Jets vs Ultra Long-range Jets                                       

Although the categories overlap, generally speaking, the heavy jets in our network are capable of a respectable 2,500 to 4,700 nautical mile (nm) range. In real-world measurements, 4,700 nm is roughly the distance between Boston and Honolulu. However, our ultra long-range aircraft can almost double that distance, with a maximum range of over 8,000 nm. That would extend your group’s private international flight from Boston to Beijing in sublime comfort.

We covered the advantages of heavy jets in a previous blog article, so let’s focus on the benefits of the ultra long-range aircraft in our charter network. Stratos currently has access to 11 types of ultra long-range jets. These exceptional aircraft are designed with every feature to whisk 7 to 19 executive passengers almost anywhere in the world.

You can find details on our aircraft comparison page, but here are the category leaders for private international flights.


The majority of our long-range jets are designed for 12 to 15 passengers, but there are two standouts. The Gulfstream G700 and the competing Bombardier Global 7500 can accommodate 19 passengers.

Gulfstream G700 vs Global 7500

A comparison of the Gulfstream G700 and the Global 7500.

Both jets feature cabins divided into suites for maximum productivity and relaxation. The Gulfstream G700 is the newer jet, with a spacious galley, two lavatories, and circadian lighting. The Bombardier Global 7500 can be configured with a master suite featuring a permanent bed and stand-up shower.


When time is of the essence, Stratos can provide the top-performing jet.

Global 5500 on tarmac

The Global 5500 is perfect for long-range travel.

The Bombardier Global 5500 is our third-fastest jet, capable of an excellent 594 mph. The Gulfstream G700 mentioned above is in second place, at 690 mph. The fastest? The Bombardier Global 7500 pushes the needle up to 704 mph. No matter which jet you choose for your private international flights, you can be assured it will get you there efficiently.


Aircraft range is, of course, the reason for this elite category. Choosing the right long-range aircraft means you don’t have to contend with refueling stops, missed connections, and lost luggage. Most of our long-range charter aircraft can handle a minimum 5,100 nm range. That’s ideal for a private international flight from Los Angeles to Santiago, Chile, Madrid, Spain, or even Tokyo, Japan. But it’s a big planet, with far-flung opportunities.

Seven aircraft in our network are capable of at least 7,000 nm, but the Gulfstream G650 leads the category with an amazing 8,055 nm range! Chartering a G650 would expand your range from Los Angeles all the way to Sydney, Australia, or New Delhi, India.

Gulfstream G650 interior

The interior of a Gulfstream G650 is comfortable and stylish.

The Stratos advantage is that you can create your own schedule to maximize business hours and circadian adjustments. For example, a slower jet may give your team time to rest and prepare for an international presentation. Our expert private flight advisors can help you choose the perfect jet for your private international flight.

Soar higher, and go further with Stratos. When you need a safe, reliable long-range luxury jet air charter, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.