Let’s talk about the value of awe-inspiring travel. Recently, Berkley researcher Craig Anderson measured the benefits of awe by taking combat veterans on a multi-day rafting trip. Anderson carefully surveyed the participants before, during, and after the rafting expedition. He found the awe-inspiring natural surroundings reduced the symptoms of PTSD and improved the rafters’ sense of well-being overall.

It proved what we know intuitively… awesome moments are not just ‘bucket-list items,’ but a way to recharge ourselves. And this winter season presents many opportunities for a unique recharge: watching the aurora borealis or Northern Lights.

Here are five private jet destinations to experience The Lights.


Northern Europe has several resorts ideal for seeing The Lights. Of course, the pandemic has impacted international travel. We strongly recommend checking the local vaccination and travel regulations before booking a flight to one of these private jet destinations.

Ollero Eco Lodge, Lapland Finland

Rustic comfort is the best way to describe the Ollero Lodge, just north of the Arctic Circle in Finland. This family-owned eco-friendly lodge features a transparent dome for watching the aurorae, plus local activities like ice-fishing, snowshoeing, and a traditional Finnish sauna. Stratos Jet Charters can easily get you to Lapland via Helsinki.

Scandic Ishavshotel, Tromsø, Norway

If you prefer some urban amenities, the Scandic Ishavshotel is a welcoming, family-friendly hotel in the port city of Tromsø. The comfy guest rooms offer panoramic views of the harbor, and the hotel restaurant features traditional Norwegian specialties. Tromsø is a remote private jet destination, but Stratos can get your group there via Stavanger or Oslo.


Our northern neighbors recently re-opened their borders to fully vaccinated Americans. You can find more details on the Canadian government travel website.

Northern Lights Resort & Spa, Whitehorse, Yukon

The name says it all. Experience Canada’s Northern Lights from the comfort of your cozy glass aurora chalet. Soak away stress in the jacuzzi, pamper yourself with a massage, and enjoy the magic of watching the sky light up with colors. It’s an ideal romantic private jet destination. The resort is just twenty minutes from the Yukon capital, Whitehorse. 


You don’t have to leave the country; several states offer great ways to see The Lights. 


The rustic Aurora Borealis Lodge near Fairbanks, Alaska offers both accommodations and tour packages. Stay in one of the four private rooms in the Lodge, or enjoy the cozy two-bedroom chalet. Both are designed for optimal aurora-viewing. Let Stratos get you this majestic private jet destination in total comfort.


The Headlands International Dark Sky Park is a skywatcher’s dream. This northern Michigan park is well-known as the perfect place to photograph moonlight over the lake, the Milky Way, and of course, the aurorae. Accommodation within the park is limited to the 3-bedroom Guest House or the 4-person McGulpin cabin. However, nearby Mackinaw City offers a variety of hotels

These are just samples of the many jet destinations perfect for sky-watchers. Give your family, your team, and yourself an energizing recharge…discover the power of awe-inspiring travel.

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