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How to Protect Yourself from Illegal Private Jet Charters

The Federal Aviation Association is taking a tough stance on so-called ‘gray charter’ operators.  These are air charter operators who willfully neglect the stringent FAA charter regulations. Unfortunately, illegal private jet charters are not a new issue. Stratos Jet Charters founder Joel Thomas wrote a blog article about basement brokers in 2017, but the current pandemic has created new charter flight demand, and some unqualified operators are offering illegal charters to unsuspecting travelers.

Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your traveling companions.

What Are the FAA rules?

Knowing the general regulations can help you as a consumer. The FAA has two sets of aviation regulations, namely Part 91 and Part 135. Part 91 applies to almost everyone piloting an aircraft. The Part 135 rules are tougher rules covering charter aircraft operators. As noted by AvWeb News, several illegal private jet charters are breaking the Part 135 rules regarding pilot training, safety inspections, maintenance schedules, and other crucial charter regulations. 

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Look For Accreditation

Some quick research can reduce the risk of being scammed, or worse, endangered. Reputable brokers like Stratos are audited regularly by third-party agencies like ARGUS and Wyvern. Not only do these agencies examine safety knowledge and maintenance schedules, but they also review the broker’s financial health and insurance coverage. Look for the ARGUS and Wyvern accreditation on the broker’s website.  

ACANA membership is another excellent accreditation to look for. The Air Charter Association of North America is a select group of safety-minded charter operators. Stratos adheres to ACANA’s mandate to promote best practices and professionalism throughout the air charter industry.  The standards are stringent, but membership is the height of charter best practices.

Look For Transparency

You can tell a lot about an air charter brokerage by what they include (or omit) from their website. Stratos has built its reputation on safety, reliability, and transparency. We detail our accreditation, routes, aircraft types, charter costs, and customer reviews. And, if you need additional information, our expert personal flight advisors are always available to answer your questions. Just call us at 888-593-9066 or email your flight advisor directly.

So, despite the recent scourge of illegal private jet charters, there are reputable firms out there. Stratos Jet Charters is in the business of building relationships and educating clients. Our business model is based on providing outstanding safety and service on every charter mission. We don’t offer bargain-basement illegal flights; instead, we offer trust. Our clients are worth it.

Next time you want to experience the extraordinary safety and immersive luxury of a private jet air charter, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066. 

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