From the occasional jet charter to purchasing your own Embraer Phenom 300, there are countless ways for private fliers to take to the skies. Sitting somewhere between fractional ownership and a private jet membership or jet card, a private plane lease offers the benefits of fractional ownership without the maintenance costs and depreciation risks of an asset.

But how much does it cost to lease a private plane? The cost of leasing a private plane depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of aircraft, with larger and more luxurious planes bringing a larger investment
  • The length of your lease, with longer leases typically bringing lower monthly costs
  • The location of the aircraft and the availability of planes in the area and your lessor’s fleet

Typically, you can expect to spend more than a jet card, which costs about $25,000, and less than the initial investment in fractional ownership, which often starts at around $300,000.

While there are consumer-facing private jet lease programs on the market—such as NetJets’ lease program that gives lessees more than 25 hours of annual flying time on a three-year commitment or Flexjet’s 30-to-60-month terms with a minimum of 50 hours per year—leases in the private jet industry are more common between a private jet owner and an operator.

In this private aviation business model, operators lease a private owner’s jet to use for charter flights. This helps the lessor offset the cost of ownership and provides high-quality aircraft to private fliers.

Leasing a private plane vs chartering a private jet

Depending on your needs and how often you fly, chartering a private jet as needed or purchasing a private jet membership may suit your needs better than leasing an aircraft. 

When you charter a private jet with Stratos, you have access to more than 2,500 of the safest and most well-maintained private jets in the world. This network enables you to always charter the right jet for the mission.

When you lease a private jet, you typically lock in one jet or one class for the duration of your lease. That means, if you need a larger jet capable of bringing the family to Maui for the summer or your flight from Miami to the Bahamas would be better served by a smaller aircraft, you might need to look outside your lease program when planning your trip.

Is it cheaper to lease or rent a jet?

If you fly the same route or the same distance for more than 50 hours per year, it may be cheaper in the long run to lease a private jet. How much does a private jet cost to rent? The cost to charter a private jet ranges from about $2,000 to $18,000 per hour, depending on the jet, your route and aircraft availability.

For most travelers, chartering a private jet is the most affordable way to experience private aviation.

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