Medical Air Transport and Stratos Jets

We are very proud of the private jet travel services we provide to our corporate travelers and private groups. But one of our lesser-known services may actually change your life: medical air transport. There are a variety of scenarios when you may need to charter a private jet for medical transport.  Here are the three most common situations, and how Stratos Jet Charters can help you get the care you need.

Non-emergency medical air transport

If you or a loved requires scheduled medical treatment in another state or another country, Stratos can provide the ideal transportation. Your private jet will be equipped with all the medical supplies and services to ensure you have a safe, comfortable flight.  Since our medical air transport aircraft can usually access smaller regional airports, you can avoid the congestion of a major hub airport, and arrive closer to your treatment facility. Our clients also value the privacy of a jet charter; just your group, the aircrew, and any attending medical personnel will be on your flight. 

Emergency medical air transport

This is where Stratos Jet Charters can make a significant difference. Medical emergencies receive our utmost priority. Emergencies that require medical air transport include a life-threatening injury or illness, or an emergency family situation in a distant location. As soon as we get your call, we’ll set you up with a private air ambulance complete with all the medical equipment required for critical patient care.

These emergency jet charter aircraft are also manned served by experienced paramedics, nurses or even surgeons with advanced medical flight training. The onboard medical professionals understand in-flight physiology and are familiar with medical care at high altitudes.

Evacuation from disaster

A natural catastrophe, a political uprising or an environmental disaster all require decisive action: you need to get out fast. Stratos Jet Charters can get you and your loved ones out of the crisis zone with as little as four hours’ notice.  Our top priority will be to get you and your party to safety, where you can receive any care you may need.  Once you are safe, the next step is to get you home. Some situations allow us to meet both priorities with one flight, other situations require separate flights.  

The cost of chartering a private jet for an evacuation can be daunting to an individual. However, at Stratos Jet Charters, we charter aircraft, not seats. If you get a quote, you can divide it by the aircraft’s seating capacity to get a per-passenger cost. Smart travelers in an emergency situation will band together, and share the cost of a private jet charter.

Ultimately, cost is just one consideration. The real value is having access to fast, safe, reliable transportation in an emergency situation.  Our team has handled disasters and humanitarian crises before and will rise to the occasion when called upon. Our service is private aircraft charters, but our product is peace of mind. 

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