One of the great joys of on-demand jet charter travel is the freedom to fly virtually anywhere. Stratos Jet Charters offers nimble smaller aircraft for out-of-the-way places in the US, and long-range aircraft for international destinations. We’ve built our reputation by catering to the travel needs of corporate executives and charter groups.

But where does that leave solo travelers? How do you take advantage of travel opportunities without being part of an executive team or a charter group? We have some tips and some myth-busting for the adventurous solo traveler.


“Travelling solo is expensive.” While it’s true that the cost-per-traveler is less expensive when a group charters an aircraft, it does not mean solo travel is exorbitant.  As we’ve always maintained, the cost and the value of an on-demand jet charter are distinct elements. The cost is merely a dollar figure that appears on your statement. The value depends on how you perceive your time and comfort.

If you value parking at a nearby regional airport, avoiding a long security check-in, traveling at a high speed in luxurious comfort, and being able to land at a local airport closer to your destination, then an on-demand jet charter provides exceptional value. Cost is what you pay; value is what you get from it.

“Traveling solo is dangerous.” This myth depends entirely on where you go. Certainly, there are destinations which require caution for travelers. But we live in an information age. You can research the hazards of a potential destination, find reviews from people who have been there, and get good advice from reputable government websites.

We suggest the CIA World Factbook as one resource. The “Travel Facts” section for each country has essential info for visitors, and unlike the glossy travel websites, the CIA site will also tell you if the government is unstable, if there is civil unrest and if the crime rate is a security concern. Do your research, avoid the hotspots, and enjoy yourself thoroughly at your destination. 

Solo Travel Tips

Learn about discounts. If you are a solo traveler with a flexible schedule, Stratos Jet Charters offers Empty Leg Discounts. There are some stipulations, but essentially, rather than send an empty aircraft to its next destination, we offer you a discount to fly on it. You may find it meets your thirst for travel while still staying within your budget.

Bring a pal. Traveling solo doesn’t always mean being alone. Many of our on-demand jet charter travelers love traveling with their animal companions. Stratos Jet Charters will do everything in our power to ensure you both have a safe, comfortable flight. We recommend looking at our Traveling With Pets FAQ page, which provides more detail. 

Preparation is the key, especially if you are flying to an international destination. Like any traveler, your animal friend will require proper immunization and travel documents to be allowed into a foreign country. But even if you are traveling within the US, there are certain safety rules to follow to ensure a smooth flight.

Our knowledgeable Stratos private flight advisors can answer your pet travel questions. And our amazing Trip Support Team can even arrange ground transportation and find pet-friendly hotels. 

Solo travel allows you to experience the world on your terms. Whether by circumstance or by choice, the solo traveler enjoys a unique adventure. Even a weekend getaway can be a welcome break from the routine. It’s an amazing world… now’s your chance to discover it on your own.


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