It’s the pinnacle of luxury travel, and according to the leaders in aviation safety and technology, business aviation soared to new heights last year as companies weighed the benefits of private jets vs. commercial airlines. 

In its recent review of business aviation, ARGUS found a more than 15 per cent increase in private jet flights in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019 and a staggering 22 per cent increase in flight hours.

Why do companies use private jets? Here are three things to consider when comparing private jet vs. commercial airline travel.

1. Private jets boost your productivity

Imagine arriving at the airport minutes, not hours, before your flight. Instead of lengthy lines at the check-in desk and an even longer wait to pass through security, what would it feel like to arrive at the fixed-based operator, let them know you’ve arrived, and walk right up the steps to your aircraft? When you charter a private jet, boarding takes mere minutes compared to the hours and hassle of major airports.

Chartering a private jet for business empowers you to reclaim time spent waiting at airports so you can focus more on what matters most to you and your company.

2. You choose when you want to fly

Have you ever spent a week traveling across the country just to sit in meetings? You arrive in the morning, meet the team in the afternoon and go to the hotel after work. The next morning, you head to the airport so you can do it again in a new city. 

When you fly on commercial aircraft, your schedule is at the whim of the airline. With private aviation, you have the freedom to build flights around your schedule, not schedule around your flights.

Rather than spending a week on the road, work with your private flight advisor to coordinate all your flights in one day. Spend your morning in the Miami office. Head to Opa-Locka Executive Airport and soar to Orlando for a stakeholder meeting over lunch. Head back to Orlando Executive Airport and finish your day meeting the new executives in Jacksonville before a comfortable flight home for dinner.

The ability to fly on your own timeline is one of the most compelling benefits when comparing private jet vs. commercial airline travel.

3. Stay connected, even at 40,000 feet

Private aviation saves you time on the ground, but what about in the air? Even on first-class or business-class flights, chances are you’ll be seated next to other travelers.

When you charter a private jet, you unlock the security and privacy you need to continue working in the air. Whether you need to take a call from an important client, answer confidential emails or even conduct a meeting from the comfort of a fully-equipped boardroom, private aviation is unmatched when it comes to the ability to work in the air. 

Want to learn more about private jet vs. commercial airline travel? Here are the answers to business fliers’ most common private aviation questions.

A woman enjoys champagne on a private jet

Private jet vs. commercial airlines FAQs

Are private jets better than commercial airlines?

Only you can decide if flying private is better for your business. If flexibility, time management and improved security and privacy are critical to your business, you will benefit from chartering a private jet. 

Why do business jets fly higher than commercial?

It all comes down to the jet’s power-to-weight ratio. Private jets, even those that are similar in size to typical commercial aircraft, carry fewer passengers. Some jets commonly used by airlines can technically reach the same heights, though it would be less economical to do so. As a result, airlines cruise around 35,000 feet, while private jets soar around 41,000 feet or even 51,000 feet, depending on the aircraft.

Soaring at these incredible heights also helps private jet pilots avoid inclement weather. Rather than cruising through poor conditions, private jets can simply climb higher or fly around.

How much does it cost to charter a business jet?

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, the hourly cost of chartering a private jet comes down to three main factors:

  1. The type and size of jet
  2. Availability of your preferred jet
  3. The location of the aircraft

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