Whether it’s your first or your 50th time soaring through the skies on a private jet, you can always learn about private jet etiquette and what to wear on a private jet.

Fashion is a matter of preference, but from fittings to fabrics, there are choices better suited to style and comfort in the air.

Here are the answers to private travelers’ most burning questions about what to wear on a private jet.

What do you wear on a private flight?

When you travel by private jet, you’re free to wear what you would like. Most private travelers choose to dress in business casual attire. Not only is it more comfortable than wearing a two-piece suit, but it also strikes a great balance between the office and a night on the town.

Just remember to dress in layers so you can easily adapt to changes in temperature between your origin, private jet cabin and your destination. For added comfort, choose natural and breathable fibers like cotton and linen, and leave the synthetic materials in your suitcase.

At Stratos Jets, we’ve created our own line of stylish and comfortable travel threads perfect for business trips to the city and weekend getaways. 

Is it good to wear leggings on a plane?

In an interview with the Irish Sun, flight attendant Andrea Fischbach says travelers should avoid any tight-fitted clothing while on an airplane. Why? Tight clothes sit heavier and can lead to cramps. Thankfully on a private jet, you’re free to move around to keep comfortable and improve your circulation if you choose to wear tight clothing like leggings. 

How can I look chic on a plane?

Traveling for business and have a meeting with clients when you arrive at your destination? For many private jet travelers, style is an important consideration when choosing what to wear on a private jet.

In addition to choosing comfortable and breathable clothes, talk to your private flight advisor about the amenities aboard your private jet. From fully reclining chairs to bedrooms and showers on some luxurious long-range private jets, flying private is the best way to look chic when you arrive at your destination.

Can you bring whatever you want on a private jet?

Yes, within reason. Unlike commercial airline travel, you’re free to bring as much luggage as your aircraft allows. At Stratos, our private flight advisors can arrange anything from small turbo-prop planes to charter airlines capable of flying your whole family and their luggage. Because each aircraft has different allowances, it’s important to talk to your private flight advisor about your luggage needs.

Beyond the extra luggage space, private jets also allow you to travel comfortably with your pets. Instead of locking up Fido on your trip to Fiji, he’s free to roam your private jet in comfort. Just make sure you have any necessary travel permits in place before chartering a private jet with your pet.

Have private flight etiquette questions or want to learn more about what to wear on a private jet? Our private flight advisors can help. Call us at 888-593-9066 to get started.