Stratos Jet Charters has built a reputation as a highly flexible on-demand charter broker. Since 2006 we’ve developed a broad network of carriers and aircraft for any mission type. Whether you want to fly a group of buddies for a golf weekend or bring your executive team to an international summit meeting, we have the right aircraft for the job.

But, that said, our wide variety of private jets for rent can also create a lot of choices for potential travelers. So this is the first in a series of in-depth articles on the various aircraft types in our network to guide clients into informed decision making.

Let’s start with the workhorses of the domestic charter industry: turboprops.

Charter a King Air 250

Beechcraft’s King Air 200 series is the best selling turboprop business aircraft of all time.


Turboprops are one of the most prominent aircraft types partially because they have the longest heritage. The idea of using an air turbine to drive a propeller was first proposed in 1926. But the technology wasn’t ready for mass production until the late 1940s. Once the war ended in 1945, resources were dedicated to developing an efficient, powerful, safe turboprop engine. The result is an extraordinary piece of technology that is still used by commercial, charter, and military aircraft around the world.


We hope we haven’t given the impression that modern turbo-props still use 1940’s technology. Though the concept is 75 years old, modern turboprop engines are elegant computer-designed mechanisms made of precise composite materials.

Charter Cessna Caravan

From outdoorsman traveling to remote regions to hunt hard-to-reach game, to vineyard owners looking to fly in guests, the Cessna Caravan is a terrific option.

When you are looking for a private jet for rent, consider these turboprop benefits:

  • Efficiency. Modern turboprops can travel at almost the same speed as a small regional jet, at about 2/3 the fuel cost. Since they are cheaper to operate, they cost less to charter.
  • Availability. As mentioned, turboprops are one of the most prevalent aircraft types. If you look at our Stratos Aircraft types page, you will see that we currently have 13 varieties of turbos in our network. If you need to arrange a short-haul domestic flight in a hurry, a turboprop is perfect.
  • Comfort. Depending on the aircraft, 5 to 9 passengers can travel in VIP comfort. Amenities include plush seating, fold-out work surfaces, enclosed lavatory, sound-proofed cabin, and extra luggage storage.

    Pilatus PC12 private jet charters

    The Pilatus PC12 is one of the most reliable turboprops in the industry.

  • Runway versatility. One of the huge advantages turboprops have over other private jets for rent is runway accessibility. A nimble turboprop can get you to remote places with short runways that are unavailable to larger jets. If you are touring a remote factory location or island-hopping on a family vacation, a reliable turboprop is ideal.  Some can even land on unpaved or snowy surfaces.
  • Range. Although turbos don’t have the range of their jet-engine cousins, they can still meet most domestic needs. For example, a Piper Cheyenne has a range of 2,577 miles. You could fly a group from Washington DC to San Jose, California in peaceful comfort, without the cost of chartering a jet-powered aircraft.

So, if turbos are so versatile, when would you need to choose another aircraft type? Our expert Travel Advisors can make suggestions based on your mission type and budget. If you need to transport a larger group internationally at a higher speed or need the private jet “wow factor” to impress a VIP, then our advisors would recommend a jet from our network.

However, a budget-conscious group of 4 to 8 passengers traveling within the US would do well to enquire about our turboprops. This is especially true if you prefer to travel to a smaller regional airport, to avoid the crowds and congestion of the major hubs.

If you have questions, call our team any time at 888-593-9066. Or, if you want to do some further research, visit our Stratos Aircraft Comparison page. It details each of our private jets for rent and allows you to do side-by-side comparisons.

This is your chance to discover the extraordinary safety and amazing personalized comfort of a private jet air charter. Call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.