Flying with kids is most parents’ worst nightmare. Flying with kids on a private jet, however, seems like a dream. No line-ups. No stressing about other passengers when tantrums strike. All the room you need for naps, puzzles and shaking out sillies. Even though flying on a private jet makes traveling easier for families, there are still ways you can prepare to make your journey, however short or long, even smoother.

10 Dos and Don’ts when travelling on a private jet with kids

1. DO book in advance. You’ll have extra considerations when flying on a private jet with kids (like naptime and bedtime!), so give plenty of time for your jet charter service to find you the right plane that will service your needs and will make departure and arrival a smooth transition. Of course, one of the perks of flying privately is that you really can have a plane at the ready in as little as four hour’s notice should you and your toddler get the sudden urge to visit grandma in Florida or Phoenix this weekend.

2. DO organize your carry-on luggage so it is not too heavy or oversized. Make it easy to get to your essentials (such as diapers, baby wipes, extra clothing, snacks, and toys).

3. DO check with your jet charter service if you will be able to park close to the aircraft to board the plane and that you will be able to bring your child’s car seat or stroller on board.

4. DO bring identification. One of the perks of flying by private jet charter is that you won’t have to wait in the Transportation Security Administration security line. However, you will still need ID, so arrange to have your children’s passports, or if you’re flying domestically, their birth certificates. If you’re traveling as a solo parent, be sure to read our post When Kids Travel on Planes with Only One Parent.

5. DO indulge in gourmet catering. Most private jet charter services offer catering services that can meet all of your family’s needs. This can range from light refreshments such as fruit and cheese trays, and kid-friendly foods to fine dining with multi-course meals. Do alert your trip support team member of any food allergies, dietary restrictions or religious observances (Halal, Kosher). Page 8 of our catering menu highlights some great options for little travelers:The Pee-Wee Pilots section of our gourmet catering menu for flying private jets with kids

6. DON’T pack toys that can make a mess or could be considered dangerous such as a sharp object. (Play-Doh, although allowed, is inadvisable as it can stick to seats and get into carpets).

7. DO pack grabbing toys, soothers, and a blanket or other pacifier for your baby, or anything that lights up and has buttons for a toddler. Paperback books, small stuffies, stickers, doodle pads, electronic game player, and portable music player with headphones are all handy toys for older children.

8. Although you may be the only family on the plane, be wise of etiquette, and DON’T let your children run around or cause any other disturbance that could affect air safety. The pilot and jet charter staff are still the authorities in the air, so follow their rules accordingly.

9. DO have your children dress appropriately. Like adults, if you are flying on a private jet with kids, you should prepare for the weather at both departure and arrival. Bring extra clothes or leave room in your carry-on to remove items if you are flying to a warmer destination.

10. DO have your children go to the bathroom before they board the private jet. It’s always there for emergencies, but most passengers try to avoid actually using the loo in the sky if at all possible. For more information on travelling aboard a private jet with kids, visit our blog on How You can Make Travelling with Kids Easy. Stratos Jets provides all the elements for worry-free flights to destinations of your choice. Besides finding the right private jet for your family’s needs, we can arrange in-flight catering as well as chauffeured ground transportation, car rentals, hotel reservations, and private security detail.