As we mentioned in a recent blog article, we are seeing signs of hope for the international jet charter travel industry.  Many challenges remain, but no storm lasts forever.  Restrictions are being reviewed, travel bans are being modified, and slowly we are moving towards recovery.

At Stratos Jet Charters, we pride ourselves on being a flexible on-demand charter service. You may not yet be permitted to fly as easily as you once did, but now is the perfect time to plan for winter travel opportunities. 

Here are six suggestions for year-end international holiday travel in 2020.

Domestic Destinations

If you plan on relaxing at some of your favorite destinations in the United States, it’s important to check in with the regulations in place by that state. As of May 18, the state of Florida is allowing rental properties to take bookings once again; however, residents of New York City, the country’s Coronavirus epicenter, are being told to wait.

This new measure is likely temporary, but if this exception applies to you, you may want to wait to book your vacation until a little later in the year.

The Caribbean

Planning a trip to the Caribbean? Now’s the perfect time to secure a booking.

Warm weather getaways are a perennial favorite for international jet charter travelers. Several Caribbean resort destinations have used the lock-down time to upgrade their facilities, and prepare for a safe, manageable way to accommodate guests.

Travel analysts are seeing year-end bookings for The Cayman Islands and Montego Bay, Jamaica. It’s easy to see why. Both destinations are known for their gorgeous beaches and upscale resorts. You can plan a private sunshine getaway without the risk of exposure to crowds.

The Bahamas

As of May 12, the Bahamas have begun to slowly open their doors to international homeowners; however, there are still restrictions in place that could prevent re-entry. If you plan on hiring a private jet charter to visit your home in the Bahamas, you’ll need approval, and they could take a few days so be sure to plan accordingly.


Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place to visit, especially during the winter season.

Although public beaches, restaurants, and shops in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are currently under COVID restrictions, the State of Jalisco is gradually opening hotels. “Tourism is a very important industry in our state, and we are looking forward to welcoming back international visitors when the time is right,” said the Minister of Tourism. “However, we remain very cautious … to ensure that the safest and cleanest conditions await guests upon their return.”

It is hoped that by the winter travel season, international jet charter travelers will be able to enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s warm Pacific beaches and lush greenery.


Since African safaris require a significant amount of planning, many tour operators require seven months to a year of lead time. But travel analysts have seen an upsurge of safari bookings for late 2020, as African resorts look to fill the gaps created by the COVID travel bans.

With that in mind, now may be the perfect time to plan your dream adventure in Tanzania, Kenya, or South Africa. Celebrate the holidays by watching elephants from your balcony! Or share a glass of wine under a jeweled African night sky in an upscale treehouse lodge.

Middle East

Despite being the first country in the Middle East to report a confirmed COVID case, the United Arab Emirates has weathered the storm.

Dubai plans to invite visitors back in July, 2020.

Lockdowns, curfews, extensive virus testing, and a rigorous disinfection campaign have all flattened the curve.

Dubai, in particular, had ample resources to handle the outbreak. The city plans to reopen to tourists in July 2020.  

If you yearn to play golf again, get a spa treatment, or eat in a 5-star restaurant overlooking sparkling blue waters, Dubai may be the perfect winter getaway. Stratos Jet Charters can help arrange your International jet charter to the United Arab Emirates.

These destinations are just a few ideas for the winter 2020 travel season. As the world gradually recovers, we are available to help you with all your private jet travel questions and plans.


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