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Experience the Best of Oregon with a Private Jet Charter

Whether you’re seeking a taste of America’s natural marvels or more drawn to the enterprising side of life, Oregon offers a wealth of prospects. If you’re planning to travel to this striking state or expand your horizons beyond its borders, you won’t find a more fitting option than a charter flight in Oregon.

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. is your foremost authority when it comes to a private jet charter in Oregon.

Call us at (888) 593-9066 or fill out the form we’ve provided on our website to get a free quote today, and let us give you all the best our industry has to offer.

We’re Here to Fulfill Your Needs

When you contact Stratos, you’ll be connected with one of our knowledgeable trip support specialists who’ll be assigned specifically to your case. He or she will begin the process by asking you a few questions regarding your unique travel plans. Some of the important points we go over initially include:

  • Where you’ll be flying from
  • Your destination
  • When you need to take off
  • How much or little time you hope to spend in the air
  • How many people will be in your party

These matters aid us in satisfying your flight needs. Your dedicated trip support specialist will explore a network of more than 5,000 privately owned aircraft available to be brokered for your charter flight in Oregon. We’ll find one able to take off and land at your desired pickup and drop-off points, large enough to accommodate your group and specific needs, and fast enough to meet your timeframe. Then, we’ll book it so it’ll be ready for you.

None Other Than Top-Notch Aircraft are Qualified

Though far more than 5,000 aircraft owners are vying for your business, we only look at the finest available private jets in Oregon for our clients. We choose nothing less than those approved by the world leader in aviation safety, ARGUS International. To gain the endorsement of this respected organization, an aircraft must be backed by current maintenance records and have no history of major damage.

Only First-Class Pilots Need Apply

Once we secure the right private aircraft in Oregon for your flight, we investigate a database of pilots offering their services. Those with ARGUS Gold certification are the only ones we consider. This validation means they’ve logged at least 3,000 hours of flight time and have no negative FAA actions marring their track records. We schedule two for each flight we broker.

Your safety is guaranteed when Stratos brokers your private charter flight in Oregon. To further ensure your security, we carry an extra $25 million in liability insurance above and beyond the required coverage for our industry. Search our website or contact one of our trip support specialists for more information on this particular point.

Our Services Soar Well above Your Basic Flight Details

Having a top-of-the-line aircraft and two pilots with the skills to match goes a long way toward meeting your travel requirements, but it’s not the only aspect by far. Your needs, both in the air and on the ground, aren’t the same as anyone else’s. Our team goes beyond the call of duty to ensure all your essentials are covered, such as:

  • In-Flight Care
  • Transportation to and from Your Airport of Choice
  • Ground Transport during Your Stay
  • Vital Medical Needs
  • Lodging
  • Meal and Event Suggestions and Booking
  • Excursions
  • Business Meeting Venues

If you think of anything you’ll need before, during, and after your private charter flight in Oregon, feel free to contact your trip support specialist. The one we dedicate to your travel plans will have in-depth experience in our industry, extensive local knowledge and connections, and a drive to ensure you’re satisfied with every aspect of your trip.

We Have Numerous Accreditations in Our Field

Stratos is committed to being leaders in the private aviation industry. We go the extra mile to adhere to all the best business practices our field has in place and create new standards by which we and others like us operate. Some of our current memberships include:

  • The National Business Aviation Association
  • The Air Charter Safety Foundation
  • The Air Charter Association of North America

In addition to those memberships, we’re among an elite few brokers to receive approval from Wyvern as well as ARGUS International. All this means we’ve opened our doors for their scrutiny, and we’ve proven ourselves a step above the rest. Place your trip in our hands, and you’ll see firsthand why our previous clients and the Better Business Bureau alike have consistently given us the highest ratings.

Where Will Your Private Jet Charter in Oregon Lead?

We can land at and depart from a vast array of private airports in Oregon, each of which is strategically placed across this beautiful and bountiful state. Some of our most often-requested cities include:

  • Portland. If you’re apt to explore this city, you’ll find everything from unique local breweries to the International Rose Test Garden at your disposal. At the same time, the city boasts the exotic and alluring sites of the Portland Japanese and Classical Chinese Gardens as well as the weekly Saturday market offering tastes of local cuisine and culture.
  • Salem. From hiking through the city’s parks to taking in local agriculture and history, Salem’s opportunities span nature and man-made curiosities alike. Visit the Enchanted Forest Theme Park, E.Z. Orchard Farm Market, or a broad range of other unrivaled locales.
  • Eugene. In Eugene, the Cascade Mountains give you exhilarating climbing experiences, leisurely site-seeing strolls, or anything in between. See amazing waterfalls or become part of the city’s growing place in the world of wine.
  • Hillsboro. Also an established slice of wine country, Hillsboro gives you the opportunity to make the most of Oregon’s agriculture, like berry picking on Sauvie Island and shopping for a variety of organic foods. You’ll also find museums dedicated to this aspect of the state.
  • Beaverton. In keeping with the natural theme, Beaverton gives you ample chances to experience nature at its finest. On the other hand, you could take in the city’s local theater and music as well as numerous seasonal festivals.

Browse our directory of private airports in Oregon for runway and FBO information as well as plenty of other details. Then, fill out the form on our website or call us at (888) 593-9066 to let the Stratos team put its knowledge, experience, and dedication to work for you.

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