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Home to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and dozens of the country’s most significant corporations, Pennsylvania is a state of great economic and cultural importance. Stratos Jets arranges private charter flights throughout the Keystone State.  We combine highly responsive service and unwavering attention to detail with an industry-leading focus on safety. Flying on a Stratos organized private jet charter in Pennsylvania means not having to worry about anything. Our unparalleled due diligence, aircraft selection, and trip support ensure clients can always focus on the things that matter most to them.

A Deep Commitment to Charter Flight Safety and Education

With relatively few regulations to adhere to, other private charter flight brokers are known to cut corners. Stratos Jets was founded to bring new levels of safety and transparency to the industry. That mission guides everything we do. Every charter flight we arrange in Pennsylvania, or anywhere else, reflects this drive to keep our passengers as safe and informed as possible wherever they might travel. When it comes to safety, peace of mind, and transparency, Stratos stands out from other charter flight providers in Pennsylvania in a number of important ways:

  • Industry-Leading Due Diligence: Where other brokers require little from their carrier partners, Stratos Jets always looks deeper. Only those carriers that demonstrate a consistent focus on safety are eligible to work with us. Our clients can always be confident that every safety-related best practice will be observed. We vet potential partners carefully for financial stability and past performance.  We also require that pilots exhibit strong professional records in every case. Ongoing assessments ensure that active partners continue living up to the high standards that Stratos Jets imposes for the benefit of our clients in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.
  • True Dedication to Client Education: Informed, educated clients are able to make better decisions, increasing the already-considerable value that private charter flights often represent. On top of our deep commitment to safety, Stratos Jets strives to ensure that clients are as well informed as possible.  We discuss in detail the details of their private charter flight options. We represent our clients’ best interests in transparent ways that help us build stronger, longer-lasting relationships. Since our founding, we have gone far above and beyond the common, commodity-style private jet charter experience.
  • An ARGUS Certified Charter Broker: As a globally recognized authority on aviation safety and risk management, ARGUS International launched the charter industry’s first major broker certification program in 2014. Stratos Jets became one of the inaugural ARGUS Certified Brokers, opening our books to the organization to reveal the depth of our due diligence and quality of other processes. As an ARGUS Certified Charter Broker, Stratos Jets stands among a select few at the very pinnacle of the industry.
  • An Active, Forward-Thinking ACANA Member and Leader: The Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA) establishes and promotes “best practices and professionalism” across the industry.  ACANA’s had a traditional focus on Part 121 commercial charter carriers. Stratos Jets proudly joined ACANA in 2010.  Its core mission was to extend the same benefits to the nation’s Part 135 private charter brokers. Since then, ACANA’s private broker membership numbers have been boosted significantly. Today, the organization exerts a positive, increasingly significant influence on this side of the industry.

An Unparalleled Customer Experience

By laying this groundwork of diligence, transparency, and leadership, Stratos is able to create customer experiences that soar far above industry norms. Each detail of every private jet charter flight in Pennsylvania or anywhere else is decided and seen to in ways that benefit our clients.

  • The Most Experienced, Engaged Agents: Our highly trained agents do not merely book charter flights in Pennsylvania. They seek out the best possible options from all those available.  We keep our clients informed while making sure to understand and account for every requirement and desire. Our carrier partners are the safest and most reliable and our agents strive to match our clients with the cream of this elite crop.
  • Every Flight Detail Seen To: Stratos Jets travel support specialists maintain the same level of service once a flight reservation has been made. We organize and manage every flight detail.  Rely on our professional handling of concierge items. Stratos Travel Support team members work tirelessly to make sure every flight goes off without a hitch. Our clients can, therefore, count on private jet charters that help them make the most of their time in Pennsylvania or anywhere else we take them.
  • Greater Peace of Mind and Improved Risk Management: Our carrier partners are generously insured, with an average of around $50 million in liability coverage in force for many private jet charter flights in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the country. Stratos Jets adds an additional $25 million in coverage on each flight.  This backs up our deep commitment to safety in ways that help our clients focus even more on their own priorities.

Private Charter Flight Excellence Anywhere in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a top private jet charter flight destination and departure point.  Business travelers and those flying for personal reasons, regularly make use of our services. A few of the most popular cities in the Keystone State are:

  • Harrisburg: Pennsylvania’s capital maintains a level of political and economic importance that greatly exceeds its modest size. Visitors of all kinds enjoy the city’s historic character.  There are an impressive selection of museums, stately hotels, and appealing restaurants which contribute to the experience. Harrisburg International and Capital City airports make flying into or out of this charming Pennsylvania city on a private charter jet arranged by Stratos.
  • Philadelphia: As the birthplace of American democracy, Philadelphia is one of the nation’s most historic and storied cities. It is also an economic powerhouse. Philadelphia has seven Fortune 1000 companies headquartered within its limits and many more corporations maintaining significant presences. Stratos Jets clients can fly into or out of busy Philadelphia International. They can also use one of the nearby smaller private airports, like Wings Field and Northeast Philadelphia.
  • Pittsburgh: Once known mostly as a center of heavy industry, the “Steel City” is rapidly becoming a high-tech hotbed thanks to the leadership of the Pittsburgh Technology Council and many ambitious companies in the area. From professional sports to historic hotels, visitors have plenty to enjoy outside of business hours, as well. Pittsburgh International and Allegheny County airports conveniently accommodate Stratos Jets clients.

With over 100 airports spread throughout the state, Stratos can easily arrange for any Pennsylvania-related private jet charter flight itinerary. Learn more about any of the Keystone State’s airports at these links.

Pennsylvania is the state of waterways, national forests and farmland. Get there with Stratos Jet Charters, sourcing the best private jet charters in Pennsylvania. With access to over 5,000 private aircraft, you’ll be in the air in no time. All of the charter flights we arrange are pre-screened against a stringent set of safety standards.  Each private flight will be flown under the command of two highly trained and experienced pilots.

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