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Which heavy private jets have the most baggage capacity? 

Travelers looking for jets that offer the best of comfort, convenience and speed gravitate towards heavy jet charters. Designed for journeys of up to roughly eight hours – or 6,000 miles – of non-stop travel, heavy jets are ideal for long-distance trips. If you’re looking for a jet that meets this expectation and provides the most amount of luggage capacity, the Embraer Lineage 1000 is just what you’ve been looking for.

What else is a heavy jet capable of?

Though some clients prefer to book a private jet based on the most luggage capacity, it’s important to look at all aspects of the charter. From the number of passengers it can accommodate to age of the aircraft to take-off performance, there’s a lot to consider when selecting an aircraft.

To determine which heavy jet is best for you and your travel plans, the table below highlights all of these features.

Aircraft Seating
seats full (nm.)
4 passengers (nm.)
Storage Volume
internal (cu. ft.)
Storage Volume
external (cu. ft.)
Short Field
Performance (ft)
Dates in
Challenger 600 12 2,800 2,880 9 cu 54 cu 5,700 ft 1981-1983
Challenger 601 9 3,568 3,871 115 cu 0 cu 5,400 ft 1983-1996
Challenger 604 10 3,756 4,119 115 cu 0 cu 5,840 ft 1996-2007
Challenger 605 12 3,756 4,123 115 cu 0 cu 5,840 ft 2007-2015
Challenger 850 15 2,456 3,096 115 cu 0 cu 6,305 ft 2006-2012
Embraer Legacy 600 13 3,091 3,485 286 cu 0 cu 5,614 ft 2002-present
Embraer Legacy 650 13 3,661 3,980 286 cu 0 cu 5,741 ft 2010-2019
Falcon 7X 15 5,466 5,840 131 cu 0 cu 5,506 ft 2007-present
Falcon 900 12 3,590 3,970 155 cu 25 cu 5,300 ft 1986-1991
Global 6000 14 5,890 6,080 110 cu 300 cu 6,476 ft 2012-present
Global 7500 15 6,899 7,500 195 cu 0 cu 5,800 ft 2019
Global Express 14 5,940 6,125 110 cu 300 cu 6,190 ft 1999-2005
Global Express 5000 13 5,200 6,003 202 cu 0 cu 5,540 ft 2011-present
Gulfstream G350 8 3,680 3,900 280 cu 25 cu 5,050 ft 2005-2012
Gulfstream G450 14 4,070 4,425 169 cu 0 cu 5,600 ft 2005-2018
Gulfstream G550 15 6,360 6,975 226 cu 0 cu 5,910 ft 2003-present
Gulfstream G650 19 6,520 7,130 195 cu 0 cu 5,858 ft 2012-2019
Gulfstream GIV 13 3,800 4,200 169 cu 0 cu 5,450 ft 1986-1992
Gulfstream GIV-SP 13 3,880 4,166 169 cu 0 cu 5,700 ft 1992-2002
GulfStream GV 13 6,250 6,675 157 cu 0 cu 5,910 ft 1995-2002
Lineage 1000 14 4,719 5,125 323 cu 120 cu 6,135 ft 2009-2013

What is a heavy jet charter by definition?

Often referred to as ‘bizliners,’ heavy jets are the top dogs in private aviation. Biziners provide up to 16 passengers with all the convenience of a traditional, modern-day boardroom. From dedicated meeting areas to satellite telephones and everything in between, heavy jets are great for business executives traveling between international offices.

One of the most sought-after features of a heavy jet is the cabin space. Passengers travelling for leisure appreciate the endless cabin configuration options, especially the ones that feature lounge areas and private bedrooms. For additional comfort, many heavy jets offer private washrooms complete with showers.

These large jets often come equipped with a full-size galley, which means passengers can enjoy a broad variety of meals, snacks, and refreshments while travelling to their destination.

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Besides offering unrivalled customer service, we’ve also set the bar for safety. With every jet rental we book, we recognize that there is an element of risk involved. We mitigate that risk by creating a culture of air charter safety throughout our entire network. By expanding the margin of safety with every flight we book, we’re confident that a charter booked by Stratos is one of the safest in the skies.

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