We’ve all heard about flight cancelations and travel restrictions due to COVID-19. These maps help visualize the effect of these cancelations and restrictions by taking a look at flights over various areas in the world this week compared to a month ago.

These maps show commercial airline traffic and some, but not all, private jet charters.

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Atlanta Air Traffic

atlanta air traffic march-min atlanta air traffic april-min

Boise Air Traffic

Boise Air Traffic March-min Boise Air Traffic April-min

Boston Air Traffic

Boston Air Traffic March-min Boston Air Traffic April-min

Charlotte Air Traffic

charlotte air traffic march-min charlotte air traffic april-min

Chicago Air Traffic

chicago air traffic march-min chicago air traffic april-min

Denver Air Traffic

denver air traffic march-min denver air traffic april-min

Las Vegas Air Traffic

las vegas air traffic march-min Las Vegas Air Traffic April-min

Los Angeles Air Traffic

Los Angeles Air Traffic March-min Los Angeles Air Traffic April-min

Montana Air Traffic

Montana Air Traffic March-min Montana Air Traffic April-min

New York Air Traffic

ny air traffic march-min ny air traffic april-min

Salt Lake City Air Traffic

Salt Lake City Air Traffic March-min Salt Lake City Air Traffic April-min

Seattle Air Traffic

Seattle Air Traffic March-min Seattle Air Traffic April-min

Texas Air Traffic

Texas Air Traffic March-min Texas Air Traffic April-min

Europe Air Traffic

europe air traffic march-min europe air traffic april-min

Ireland & UK Air Traffic

uk air traffic march-min uk air traffic after-min

Australia & New Zealand Air Traffic

aus air traffic march-min aus air traffic april-min

Middle East Air Traffic

middle east air traffic march middle east air traffic april-min


Unless otherwise stated commercial airline flights were captured at 0900 local time. 0900 was taken as the benchmark as that is often the busiest time for air traffic. The effect is most obvious at these times when airports and the skies would normally be busiest.

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