Within any given class of private jet charters, corporate and leisure travelers have dozens of aircraft to choose from. But which ones are the most frequently requested options?

The previous articles in this series highlighted which aircraft have the best performance characteristics on a class-by-class basis. This includes:

While you might recognize a few of the following private jet charters from those earlier posts, most didn’t make any of those lists. Instead, the reason why these jets are so popular is because they do everything well. More importantly, they offer tremendous value.

Turboprop – Pilatus PC12

Pilatus PC12 private jet charters
While the King Air 200 once held the distinction as the most requested turboprop plane, the Pilatus PC12 has since overtaken it. Its large, comfortable cabin offers a quieter ride as its engine is located in the front of the aircraft. This provides passengers with a more enjoyable travel experience. Additionally, its single-engine performance offers a lower operating cost compared to the twin-engine King Air 200.

Light Jet – Citation Ultra

While the Hawker 400XP has the largest, most comfortable cabin in the light jet category, frequent private jet travelers prefer the Citation Ultra due to its considerable range and storage capacity.

Midsize Jet – Hawker 800XP

Hawker 800XP private jet charters
Hands down, the most requested midsize jet in the charter market is the Hawker 800XP. These private jet charters offer the greatest combination:

  • Range
  • Speed
  • Cabin comfort

The 800XP is popular not only for its stylish look and spacious cabin, but also for its performance. The long range of the 8000XP enables groups of eight passengers to travel from Colorado to either Florida or New York without having to stop for fuel.

Super-Midsize Jets – Challenger 300

While the Citation X offers impressive speed and eight individual club seats, the Challenger 300 sits alone as the most requested private jet in the super-midsize category. The LARGE spacious cabin and competitive price point provides an unmatchable experience.

Heavy Jets – Gulfstream GIV

The Gulfstream GIV is the preferred luxury private jet worldwide. Among its sought-after features are:

  • Stand-up cabin
  • Oversized captain chairs
  • Luxuriously appointed bench that converts into a bed
  • Range to fly from New York to Paris

Consequently, clients prefer this aircraft among all other alternatives.

Commercial Jets – Boeing 737

Boeing 737 private jet charters
The Boeing 737 offers the optimal blend of cabin size, range and reliability for large groups in need of private jet charters. It can be configured in numerous ways, providing ample space for:

  • 20-30 passengers to fly in extreme luxury on longer flights
  • 100 first-class cabins seats for a group of athletes or business executives
  • Up to 180 seats offering a blend of economy and luxury

In conclusion, you can see that value is what drives consumer preference for private jet charters. Luxury is secondary.

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