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Uncompromising Private Jet Charter Flights in Michigan with Stratos

Michigan’s two peninsulas host over two hundred active airports. A private jet charter flight in Michigan with Stratos Jets can be the best way to do business, visit, or return home.

With four of the five Great Lakes standing along its borders, Michigan is a truly special place. Stratos Jets provides safety and service of equally special kinds. Learn more about how Stratos can help you Soar Higher™ with private jet charter flights in Michigan and beyond.

The Stratos Jets Difference

The private jet charter industry is highly competitive, with brokers and carriers fighting for every bit of business. In most cases, this means focusing intently on price. Service inevitably suffers, and safety often does, too.

Stratos Jets was founded to show that this does not have to be the case. Everything Stratos does revolves around our clients and their needs. Instead of focusing on volume, we prioritize safety and service with every private charter flight in Michigan and elsewhere. Where other brokers think only about the next reservation, we build relationships. We care about our clients, their safety, and their needs, and it shows.

Safer, More Secure Private Jet Charter Flights in Michigan

Safety is our top priority with every flight. We go far beyond industry norms to achieve this and demand that our partners do the same. Our clients can count on safer private jet charter flights as a result of the work we proudly do.

  • The Most Intensive Due Diligence. Our due diligence processes go deeper than other brokers. The carriers who qualify for our Approved Vendors program live up to the highest standards in the industry. On top of being FAR Part 135 certified, they must meet our own strict requirements. From safety-related processes to maintenance, our carrier partners are the most capable and trustworthy in the industry.
  • Regular Independent Inspections. Safety is an ongoing concern, and only continuing effort can maintain it. We employ respected third parties like ARGUS and Wyvern to make sure our partners keep living up to our standards. Regular, independent checks ensure that safety measures, maintenance, and operational norms keep our clients protected.
  • Experienced Teams of Two Proven Pilots. Every private jet charter flight we arrange is conducted by two highly experienced pilots. With strong records of safety, training, and professionalism, the pilots we entrust with our clients live up to the highest standards, just like our carriers. We look for pilots who understand that safety is the top priority, and they do everything possible to ensure it.
  • More Generous Liability Coverage. Every carrier we work with provides over $4 million in coverage for each passenger a plane can carry. For an average turboprop, that adds up to around $25 million in insurance. Our private jet charter flights in Michigan and elsewhere include an average of about $50 million in coverage. We add another $25 million in coverage to each and every flight. On top of everything we do to promote safety, this allows our clients to fly with the greatest of confidence.

Service, Leadership, Education, and More

Safety is an important part of what makes Stratos Jets different. It is, in some ways, also only the beginning. Stratos delivers service of a kind that no other broker can match. We take an active role in making the private charter flight industry a better, safer place for all. We strive to educate and inform our clients in so they derive even more value from our private jet charter flights in Michigan and elsewhere.

  • Experienced Agents, Always Ready to Serve. Our agents are among the most experienced in the industry. With over 5,000 aircraft to choose from, they seek the best possible match for each client. Whether with Michigan’s hundreds of airports or for destinations in another state, they keep clients informed about their options. Stratos agents are ready to respond at any time, making convenient, fitting arrangements around the clock. Our agents develop itineraries that suit the most demanding requirements, always striving to help our clients Soar Higher™.
  • Unparalleled Trip Support and Service. The Stratos Jets experience remains just as outstanding after reservations have been made. Our Trip Support specialists see to each and every need, taking on any challenge. Whether booking lodgings on the ground, arranging for a meal in flight, or seeing to special requests, they love to serve our clients. A private jet charter flight in Michigan with Stratos means knowing every detail will be handled.
  • An Industry Leader, Setting Higher Standards for All. Stratos Jets leads by example with everything we do. We are an active, engaged industry leader in other respects as well. We were one of the first to qualify as an ARGUS Certified Charter Broker. In submitting to inspection by an aviation safety authority, we helped encourage others to aim higher. As a member and leader of the Air Charter Association of North America, we have gone even farther. We believe that a safer private jet charter industry is better for everyone. We are proud of what we have done to make a difference.
  • A Founding Commitment to Education and Transparency. We also believe that informed clients benefit the most from private jet charter flights in Michigan and beyond. This conviction was a basic feature of the vision that gave birth to Stratos, and it still guides us today. By educating our clients with every flight, we make sure we can always serve their true interests. This is an important reason why our clients are among the most loyal to be found anywhere.

Soar Higher™ Over the Great Lake State

With over two hundred active airports and airfields, Michigan encompasses a wealth of opportunities for travelers. Two common destinations today are:

  • Detroit: The historic Motor City is embarking upon a promising resurgence. Coleman A. Young, Gross Ile, and Detroit Metropolitan airports accommodate private jet charter flights in convenient fashions.
  • Pontiac:
  • Flint:  Known as the home of the United Auto Workers Union and the birthplace of General Motors.  This cites automotive history is still an important economic center for Michigan.
  • Ann Arbor:  Home to the University of Michigan, this city is considered a major football town.  However, Ann Arbor is host to a variety of art and cultural festivals.
  • Mackinac Island:  The preferred summer destination for locals of the Mitten State.  Visitors enjoy boating and beautiful natural wildlife along Lake Michigan.
  • Grand Rapids: One hundred and forty miles to the west, Michigan’s second city boasts a modern, diverse economy. Only 20 minutes from downtown, Gerald R. Ford International Airport serves private charter flights.

With hundreds of other airports to choose from, Stratos Jets agents are ready to make arrangements for any trip to, from, or within Michigan. Our safety and service are second to none, making private jet charter flights in Michigan with Stratos the best available. Learn more about other Michigan airports at the links below.

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