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Which is the fastest heavy-size private jet in the world?

On average, most heavy jets travel between 5 and 600 miles per hour. However, the jet that soars circles around the rest is the Gulfsteam G650. This jet has reached speeds over Mach .9, which is just shy of breaking the sound barrier and going supersonic.

What else is a heavy jet capable of?

While heavy jets are extremely capable, it’s important to consider the jet as a whole before making a booking decision. This like storage capacity, short field takeoff performance, aircraft age and years in service, and range can affect the appropriateness of the aircraft for your mission.

To help our clients make informed buying decisions, we’ve compiled the table below to highlight these features and more.

Aircraft Seating
seats full (nm.)
Max Cruise
Speed (mph.)
Normal Cruise
Speed (mph.)
Volume (cu. ft.)
Volume (cu. ft.)
Short Field
Takeoff Performance
Dates in
Challenger 600 12 2,800 528 mph 450 mph 1,146 115 cu ft 5,700 ft 1981-1983
Challenger 601 9 3,568 584 mph 528 mph 1,408 132 cu ft 5,400 ft 1983-1996
Challenger 604 10 3,756 515 mph 477 mph 1,146 115 cu ft 5,840 ft 1996-2007
Challenger 605 12 3,756 514 mph 477 mph 1,146 115 cu ft 5,840 ft 2007-2015
Challenger 850 15 2,456 496 mph 477 mph 1,964 318 cu ft 6,305 ft 2006-2012
Embraer Legacy 600 13 3,091 502 mph 476 mph 1,656 240 cu ft 5,614 ft 2002-present
Embraer Legacy 650 13 3,661 502 mph 477 mph 1,656 286 cu ft 5,741 ft 2010-2019
Falcon 7X 15 5,466 548 mph 515 mph 1,506 140 cu ft 5,506 ft 2007-present
Falcon 900 12 3,590 512 mph 480 mph 1,270 127 cu ft 5,300 ft 1986-1991
Global 6000 14 5,890 548 mph 528 mph 2,467 195 cu ft 6,476 ft 2012-present
Global 7500 15 6,899 704 mph 593 mph 2,786 5,800 ft 2019
Global Express 14 5,940 548 mph 515 mph 2,002 185 cu ft 6,190 ft 1999-2005
Global Express 5000 13 5,200 590 mph 528 mph 1,889 195 cu ft 5,540 ft 2011-present
Gulfstream G350 8 3,680 534 mph 499 mph 2,040 169 cu ft 5,050 ft 2005-2012
Gulfstream G450 14 4,070 534 mph 499 mph 2,040 169 cf 5,600 ft 2005-2018
Gulfstream G550 15 6,360 548 mph 515 mph 2,265 226 cu ft 5,910 ft 2003-present
Gulfstream G650 19 6,520 578 mph 548 mph 2,421 195 cu ft 5,858 ft 2012-2019
Gulfstream GIV 13 3,800 534 mph 499 mph 1,658 169 cu ft 5,450 ft 1986-1992
Gulfstream GIV-SP 13 3,880 534 mph 499 mph 2,012 169 cu ft 5,700 ft 1992-2002
GulfStream GV 13 6,250 548 mph 515 mph 2,266 226 cu ft 5,910 ft 1995-2002
Lineage 1000 14 4,719 540 mph 511 mph 4,858 443 cu ft 6,135 ft 2009-2013

What is a heavy jet charter by definition?

Also referred to as ‘bizliners,’ heavy jets are ideal for business executives and professionals. With all the conveniences of a modern-day office, these jets can act as a flying boardroom. They’re capable of keeping up to 16 passengers connected and productive while in flight.

One of the biggest perks to chartering a heavy jet is the cabin space. Compared to smaller models, heavy jets offer an extensive amount of cabin space. This allows passengers to stand up and move about freely, which is important during long trips. The cabin configurations on heavy jets are also exceptional. With full galleys, lounge spaces, work areas, and separate bedrooms, passengers are able to travel in complete comfort. Most heavy jets even boast showers in the lavatories.

Heavy jets are also ideal for long-range travel. In fact, they were designed for journeys up to 6,000 miles or eight hours of non-stop travel. Pair the range capability with their well appointed cabins and it’s easy to see why heavy jets are the perfect choice for travelers who demand the best of comfort and convenience.

Soar Higher with Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

At Statos, we’re proud to deliver exceptional service every time we book a charter. To do this, though, we do things a little differently than our competitors.

It all begins with our operational framework. As soon as a call comes in from a client calls until the completion of the trip, we strive to provide unrivalled customer service. While the competition focuses on making as many sales as possible, we provide our clients with an experience that extends beyond just the flight.

To ensure we live up to this promise, we created a second department – Trip Support. This team handles all of the details once an air charter agent has secured the appropriate jet for the journey. From booking lodging accommodations to setting up ground transportation to arranging inflight catering, Trip Support can do it all.

At Stratos, we also seek to expand the margin of safety with each charter flight we book. Every time a client books a private jet rental, there is a slight element of risk involved. We mitigate that risk by creating a culture of air charter safety throughout our entire network. This ensures our client’s air charter is one of the safest out there.

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