Private Planes for Rent: The Super-Midsize Jets

Our clients book with Stratos Jet Charters because we deliver an exceptional customer experience through education, personal relationships, and customer advocacy. We offer a broad range of private planes for rent from the best carriers in the world for any charter mission.

But how do our clients choose a jet? Our agents start by asking about the size of your charter group. From there we can help you select from the aircraft size categories in our network. If you need to fly up to nine people on a long-range flight, we would recommend a super-midsize jet. These niche jets have advantages over the midsize jets, without the extra size and costs that would bump them up into the heavy jet category.

Here are 3 benefits of the super-midsize jet category:

What Makes Them Super?

Legacy 450 Private Jet

The Embraer Legacy 450

All the midsize and super-midsize private planes for rent on our aircraft page carry up to nine passengers, fly at about 500 mph, and can travel at least 2,000 nautical miles (nm). What sets the super-midsize jets apart is that these range and speed numbers are on the low end of their capabilities.

Gulfstream G280 Private Jet Charter

The Gulfstream G280

For example, the 7-seat Embraer Legacy 450 is the midsize distance leader, with an impressive 3337 nm maximum range. However, the majority of the 13 jets in the super-midsize category exceed that range.

The popular Gulfstream G280 tops the category with an astonishing 4,142 nm range. In practical flight measurements, that is a supremely comfortable non-stop flight from Washington D.C. to Rome, Italy.

Cabin Space

Gulfstream G200 Interior

The interior of a Gulfstream G200

Spaciousness is another distinguishing feature of our super-midsize private planes for rent. Here is what you can expect on a super-midsize:

  • Full-standing headroom, extra-wide cabins, longer fuselage for legroom
  • Long-haul comfort seating. Seats can swivel, recline, and even fold down into a bed.
  • Increased luggage capacity. The typical midsize jet can carry about 60 cubic feet of cargo.  However, their super-midsized cousins can carry more than 100 cubic feet of cargo and luggage. In fact, the versatile Gulfstream G200 super-midsize can carry 9 passengers and 150 cubic feet of luggage.


Dassault Aviation Falcon 50

The interior of a Dassault Falcon 50

A comfortable jet is only enjoyable if the flight is smooth and efficient. Fortunately, the super-midsize private planes for rent in our network are designed to fly higher to avoid turbulence and faster for maximum efficiency.  Most of the jets in this category can cruise at 45,000 feet. The French-made Falcon 50 has the advantage of a third engine, which can effortlessly boost the aircraft to an impressive 49,000 feet. For speed, the Brazilian-made Praetor 500 and 600 series jets are the speediest, capable of an extraordinary 631 mph cruising speed.

Stratos Jet Benefits

Safety and reliability are the Stratos advantages. Demand for private jet travel has surged after the pandemic. Some charter operators are offering bargain flights to cash in on the demand. However, is risking your safety worth it? Stratos has been in business since 2007, our safety and financial records are audited by third parties, and our passenger comments are posted for transparency.

Booking a super-midsize jet with Stratos Jet Charters means you get the best on-demand charter service for your next long-range flight. You will arrive refreshed, and ready to do business.

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