Our expert private flight advisors sometimes field questions about aircraft lavatories. Whether you’re looking forward to having a quick shower en route or just looking for the comforts of home while in the skies, knowing what you can expect ahead of your flight is important.

With Stratos, you can book an efficient four-passenger aircraft, or intercontinental luxury jets with all the VIP amenities. But in a scalable operation, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to aircraft lavatories. Luckily, most domestic flights are short enough that you may not even need the lavatory.

Here’s your guide to the different restroom amenities on a luxury jet charter.

Small aircraft

The lavatory on a small aircraft such as a turboprop or very light jet is functional, but hardly glamorous. Anyone over 5 ft 10in will need to crouch to get in. Because of space limitations, privacy is typically limited to a curtain. Most toilets are chemical based and similar to the ones designed for camping.

Beechcraft King Air 350 Charter Planes

For example, the Beechcraft King Air 350 features a small, yet private, lavatory in the rear of the cabin.

We know that isn’t what one expects when booking a luxury jet charter, but as noted, small planes have short flights. You probably won’t be airborne long enough to need the facilities.

Light to Midsize Jets

Aircraft in this size category can accommodate lavatories similar to what you would find on a commercial aircraft. Space is still limited, but there is less crouching. Flush toilets are available, along with a sink, mirrors, and other mini amenities on the counter. On a midsize luxury jet charter, you can expect a lavatory with swinging, bi-fold or sliding doors that lock.

The Embraer Phenom 300 has a private enclosed lavatory onboard and is usually found at the rear of the aircraft cabin.

Super Midsize to Heavy Jets

This category is where aircraft designers can create truly luxurious amenities. A luxury jet charter on a super mid-size jet is like renting a flying hotel suite.

picture of a private jet

The lavatory in a Citation Sovereign is spacious and tastefully designed with hardwood, multiple mirrors and elegant fixtures. Multiple lavatories are also possible in this size category, usually with one fore and one aft. No waiting involved! Perhaps the ultimate in a luxury jet charter is a stand-up shower, which are provided in certain cabin configurations. The 14-seat Gulfstream GIV-SP allows you to shower inflight, and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready.

So, the lavatory facilities depend entirely on the size of the jet. With the latest bio-safety protocols, all aircraft in our network are cleaned meticulously. But if the size of the lavatory is a concern for you, please talk to one of our private flight advisors at 888-593-9066. We’ll help you choose the right jet for your group.

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