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A private jet charter at Deadhorse has never been easier to achieve than with Stratos Jet Charters.

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Alaska has no shortage of colorful place-names, and Deadhorse is certainly near the top of the list. Sources differ on the name’s origin, but most probable is it is from a local firm, the Dead Horse Trucking company. You can probably guess what their cargo was.

Names aside, the jet charter airport at Deadhorse, Alaska is a vital air link to the Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields. The Trans-Alaska pipeline starts at nearby Prudhoe Bay, to deliver oil 800 miles south to Valdez, Alaska. Thus, every person and item in remote Deadhorse has arrived via this airport link, or over the dangerous ice-roads. 

Deadhorse probably would not call itself a tourist destination, but it does have modest facilities to accommodate those who make the trip. Since it is north of the Arctic Circle, visitors can experience the Midnight Sun. In fact, a summer “day” is 63 days of sunlight. Some visitors also come to see bears, abundant caribou and northern waterfowl in this unique Arctic habitat. 

The community size fluctuates, with about 50 permanent residents, and 3,000 temporary workers, depending on oilfield job contracts.

The airport itself has a 6,500 foot runway, ideal for even the heavy jets in the Stratos Charter network. 

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Hourly rates for private jets in Deadhorse

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Name Pricing
TurboProp 1800-3900/hour
Light Jets 2900-4750/hour
Mid-Size Jets 4800-6750/hour
HeavyJets Call for pricing
Airliners Call for pricing

Private Jets Available At Deadhorse Airport

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The aircraft below are operated by Part 135 Air Carriers based at Deadhorse, and have been screened through Stratos Jets Approved Vendor Program to ensure safety. Please contact us at (888) 593-9066 for a quote on a charter flight from Deadhorse.

Runway Information for Deadhorse Airport

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