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A private jet charter at Nancy Lake has never been easier to achieve than with Stratos Jet Charters.

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Tucked amongst the rugged mountains and trees that Alaska is known for lies Nancy Lake State Recreational Area. The area is one of the few flat, lake-speckled areas in Alaska that have been set aside for recreational use year round.

The recreational area used to be covered by ancient glaciers. However, when the glaciers receded more than 9,000 years ago, a rolling landscape of glacial deposits and hundreds of ponds and lakes emerged. Deemed too rugged, the area was never settled and remained wild, natural and mostly untouched. 

When you soar into the jet charter airport in Nancy Lake, you’ll have immediate access to all the untouched wonders and excitement this area provides. There are several cabins available to rent in the area, but just remember you have to pack everything you’ll need during your stay, including drinking water and firewood. 

Once you get settled, it’s time to explore the lakes and surrounding area. During the summer season, fishing is one of the top activities as the lakes are teeming with fish. Canoeing and hiking are other popular activities that are sought after in the area. And, of course, once the sun sets, telling spooky stories around the campfire is a must as well.

If you arrive during the winter, you could plan to cross-country ski or dogsledding. The diverse region provides visitors with all the amenities they need to make their trip truly amazing. 

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Hourly rates for private jets in Nancy Lake

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Name Pricing
TurboProp 1800-3900/hour
Light Jets 2900-4750/hour
Mid-Size Jets 4800-6750/hour
HeavyJets Call for pricing
Airliners Call for pricing

Private Jets Available At Nancy Lake Airport

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The aircraft below are operated by Part 135 Air Carriers based at Nancy Lake, and have been screened through Stratos Jets Approved Vendor Program to ensure safety. Please contact us at (888) 593-9066 for a quote on a charter flight from Nancy Lake.

Runway Information for Nancy Lake Airport

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