Three Tips for Finding the Best Business Jet Charter

At Stratos, we’re proud of the customized travel solutions we offer. Since Joel Thomas founded Stratos Jet Charters in 2007, we’ve built a charter network with scalable aircraft options that range from four-seat very light jets to 525-seat charter airliners. But the variety of choices in the business jet charter category can also be daunting to our clients. This is especially true if you’ve been tasked with arranging a charter for your boss.

Here are three tips to help you find the best charter jet for your needs.


Identifying the flight mission will immediately define your charter options. By mission, we mean what is being flown and where. If it is people, we’ll need to know if they’re VIPs who expect certain standards of speed and comfort. Sight-seers who want a leisurely flight on low-flying aircraft with large observation windows will have different preferences and require a different aircraft. Many of the business jet charter missions we provide are a combination of corporate and tourist flights. But we are also capable of providing cargo charter, air-taxi, aerial survey and even emergency evacuation missions.

Mission Requirements

Once your mission is identified, you can start using statistical information from the aircraft in our network. Factors include the aircraft range, speed, seating capacity, cabin amenities, and baggage capacity. You will find descriptions of every business jet charter size category and aircraft type at our Private Jet Charter page.  To help narrow it down, each aircraft listed has a COMPARE+ button beside the description. Just click on it to compare multiple jets side-by-side.

You can also do price comparisons. Each aircraft has an estimated hourly cost in the description. You can also use our Pricing Tool to get a more accurate estimate for your specific charter flight. Once you’ve checked the estimates, feel free to request a quote. A Stratos agent will respond promptly. If you are on a tight timeline, however, you can always call us at 888-593-9066.

Wise Choices

Our advisors will always seek the best aircraft for your charter mission. You may be tempted to book the largest or fastest aircraft in a category, only to find your destination airport cannot accommodate it.  Our Trip Advisors can offer some insights into practical aircraft choices.

Stratos Jet Charters also offers perks such as our concierge Trip Support team. Once you’ve booked a flight, Trip Support can arrange extras such as inflight meals & entertainment, ground transportation, and accommodation.

Stratos is the superior choice for business jet charter safety, comfort, and value. Once you’ve identified your flight mission and requirements, we can help you find the perfect charter aircraft for your needs.


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