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Which light-size private jets have the most baggage capacity?

While light jets don’t have as much baggage capacity as larger jets, they do offer a fair amount. However, the amount of luggage these small yet mighty jets can hold is pretty generous in comparison to the size of the jet. At the top of the list, the Beechjet 400 holds the most baggage internally, and the Citation CJ2 has the largest external baggage compartment.

What else is a private light jet capable of?

When considering which private light jet has the most storage capacity, there are a few things to consider. Most jets offer interior dedicated storage space in addition to the exterior cargo space. This will also help determine how much carry-on baggage you can keep in the cabin with you. If you’re heading to the Alps for a ski vacation or to Pebble Beach for a round of golf, you’ll want to find a light jet that can accommodate your skis, snowboard, or golf clubs in addition to your own personal baggage.

The table below helps break down how much each light jet offers in terms of storage volume.

Aircraft Seating
seats full (nm.)
4 passengers (nm.)
Storage Volume
internal (cu. ft.)
Storage Volume
external (cu. ft.)
Short Field
Performance (ft)
Dates in
Beechjet 400 6 1,140 1,580 53 cu 0 cu 3,907 ft 1986-2003
Citation 500 6 730 900 63 cu 0 cu 2,930 ft 1968-1985
Citation 525 5 775 1161 4 cu 51 cu 3,280 ft 1993-1999
Citation Bravo 7 1,290 1,720 28 cu 45 cu 3,600 ft 1997-2006
Citation CJ1 5 775 1,161 55 cu 0 cu 3,280 ft 2000-2005
Citation CJ2 6 1,194 1,626 4 cu 70 cu 3,363 ft 2000-2005
Citation CJ3 7 1,374 1,891 15 cu 50 cu 3,182 ft 2002 - 2008
Citation CJ4 7 1,667 1,991 77 cu 0 cu 3,189 ft 2008-present
Citation II 6 1,220 1,520 36 cu 41 cu 3,450 ft 1978-1994
Citation S/II 6 1,220 1,520 36 cu 41 cu 3,240 ft 1983-1988
Citation Ultra 7 1,259 1,651 26 cu 41 cu 3,180 ft 1994-1999
Citation V 7 1,220 1,644 26 cu 41 cu 3160 ft 1989-1993
CitationJet 6 750 1,130 4 cu 54 cu 5,710 ft 1991-
Falcon 10 5 12 cu 4,615 ft 1970-1989
Hawker 400XP 6 1,180 1,519 27 cu 26 cu 3,905 ft 2004-2010
Lear 31 7 1,211 1,337 66 cu 0 cu 3,490 ft 1988-1991
Lear 35 7 39 cu 4,972 ft 1973-1994
Lear 40 7 1,573 1,707 15 cu 50 cu 4,330 ft 2004-2007
Lear 40XR 6 1,778 1,960 15 cu 50 cu 4,680 ft 2005-2012
Lear 45 8 1,423 1,968 15 cu 50 cu 5,040 ft 1997-2007
Lear 45XR 8 1,685 1,937 15 cu 50 cu 5,040 ft 2003-2012
Lear 75 8 1,849 2,000 50 cu 0 cu 4,440 ft 2013-2015, 2017
Mitsubishi Diamond 8 1,112 1,801 46 cu 0 cu 3,905 ft 1982-1985
Phenom 300 7 1,811 2,077 85 cu 0 cu 3,140 ft 2008-present
Premier 1A 6 850 1,340 23 cu 54 cu 3,792 ft 2006-2012

What is a light jet charter by definition?

A light jet is typically designed for shorter, domestic flights while still providing all the amenities of an upscale charter experience. Light jets are usually configured to seat six to eight passengers. However, our agents recommend limiting occupancy to just five or six for optimal comfort.

Most light jets make use of what little space they have and come with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, first-class business amenities, and a curtained or enclosed lavatory.

Many travelers prefer light jets for both personal and business use due to the jets nimble and economic features. This means they can utilize smaller runways and reach remote destinations much better than larger jet sizes.

Soar Higher with Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

Exceeding our client’s expectations each and every time we book a private light jet charter is what we aim for. To ensure this, we engage in a couple of missions of our own.

At Stratos Jet Charters, we strive to educate our clients so that they can make informed buying decisions. We do this by supplying them with honest advice and fair pricing. By putting our clients’ best interests first, we’ve built many long-term client relationships.

In addition to that, we make sure our safety standards are the highest in the industry with our in-house Due Diligence Program and by adhering to ARGUS’s Certified Charter Broker Program. By creating a culture of safety, we’re able to ensure the flights we book are some of the safest in the skies.

And finally, we understand that time is something truly valuable. With that in mind, our air charter agents are able to put together a mission with just four hours’ notice. We do this to make sure our clients get where they need to be as quickly as possible.

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