Stratos Jet Charters Works With ACANA to Promote Best Practices and Professionalism to Air Charter Service Providers


With the economic downturn still in effect, many air charter consumers are looking for low-cost options for private jet charter. In recent weeks, we at Stratos Jet Charters, have endeavored to warn private jet travelers about charter brokerages who engage in dishonest, deceptive business practices to offer reduced pricing for charter flights.

At Stratos Jet Charters, we have taken a stand against charter brokers who actively solicit illegal charter operators or employ unregistered aircraft to sell charter flights. As a member of the prestigious Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), we feel it is our responsibility as an industry leader to educate consumers about the value of working with ACANA members.

ACANA, a non-profit organization, was founded by several, leading air charter service providers, who recognized the need for self-regulation in the air charter industry. ACANA’s mission is to enhance and foster the air charter industry by promoting best practices and professionalism, representing ACANA members’ collective regulatory interests, and educating consumers about the benefits of private aviation.

Stratos Jets is a long-standing member of ACANA, and has been intimately involved in the organization’s efforts to promote best practices and professionalism to other air charter service providers. Like Stratos Jets, ACANA places an emphasis on consumer education, and seeks to become the leading source of information on air charter safety.

One of our goals at Stratos Jets is to help our clients understand why it is so important to work with ACANA members. In addition, we want our clients to be able to identify the warning signs of a deceptive charter broker who may present aircraft that are not qualified to fly passengers under the FAR Part 135 regulations.

It is our belief that the need for a self-regulatory organization, like ACANA, is more important than ever, considering the increasing number of charter brokers who are engaging in unfair business practices to undercut legitimate air carriers.

Charter brokers who engage in deceptive business practices do so at great risk to consumer safety. These charter brokers often skirt FAA regulations and ACANA best practices to lower the price of charter flights for consumers. The problem is that these regulations and best practices were established to ensure your personal safety.

ACANA members, on the other hand, take every precaution to ensure the safety and legality of every charter flight, regardless of any additional expense.

When you decide to work with a non-reputable charter broker, there is no guarantee that your aircraft is properly maintained or that the pilots have the necessary training and experience to conduct your flight. Nor do you have the necessary liability coverage in place. Not only does this pose a significant risk to safety, it harms the industry as a whole by fostering an environment where unsafe, unregulated charter brokerages can succeed.

As ACANA continues to grow, Stratos Jets aims to be a model of ACANA standards for other charter brokerages in the industry. In addition to persuading other charter brokerages and operators to adopt ACANA best practices, we impose these standards on each and every flight. As other brokers and operators continue to adopt ACANA standards, we believe that both the future of the industry and the safety of consumers will improve.

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