Private Jet Charter Prices

    Are you considering booking a charter flight, but don't know how much it costs to charter a private jet?

    Our knowledgable air charter agents would be happy to provide a free quote or cost estimate for your charter flight. Just send your trip details in an email to and one of our air charter agents will be happy to help.

    Below are the typical costs per hour for a private flight:

    • Turbo Props - 1,550/hr up to 2,500
    • Light Jets - 2,250/hr up to 4,450/hr
    • Mid-Sized Jets - 3450/hr up to 5,000/hr
    • Super Mid-Sized Jets - 5,500/hr up to 8,500/hr
    • Heavy Jets - 5,000/hr up to 9,000/hr

    Private jet charter prices are determined by a number of factors. Estimating a price by the hour is the standard method. This method however, does not always provide the quickest most accurate estimate.
    The primary factors in determining the how much a private jet charter flight costs:

    1. Safety status
        - All aircraft chartered by Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. are verified by independent auditors such as ARG/US, Wyvern or ISBAO.
    2. Aircraft category
    3. Number of passengers
    4. Flight Distance
        - Most charter companies require 2hr minimums for short trips
    5. Duration of trip
    6. Repositioning costs

    Additional cost associated with chartering a private jet include: landing fees, fuel surcharges and federal excise tax. Please contact one of Stratos Jet Charters agents by calling us at 1.888.478.7286 for an actual quote.