A Look at the FAA, ICAO, and Other Private Aviation Organizations

Who makes the regulations that impact your jet charter flights?

Like any federally regulated industry, the jet charter business is governed by several organizations. In previous blog articles, we have referred to FAA decisions, ICAO initiatives, and ARGUS standards, but what do these acronyms mean to you as a Stratos Jet Charter traveler? They mean safety and reliability.

Here’s a summary of how these associations ensure your safety as a private aviation traveler and protect your rights as a consumer. 


The Federal Aviation Administration was formed in 1958 for the “safe and efficient use of national airspace.” Though the agency had its roots in the 1926 Air Commerce Act, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the agency began regulating all aviation activity, including private aviation. Charter operators such as Stratos Jet Charters are governed by FAA Part 135, which details every aspect of charter flight safety, from crew experience to aircraft maintenance. Part 135 regulations are legally mandated and enforceable.


As a branch of the United Nations, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) serves as a forum for international aviation issues. Member nations use this forum to establish protocols for safety, air navigation, security, economic development, and environmental protection. Since Stratos flies charters to international destinations, private aviation is sometimes impacted by ICAO standards and guidelines. This has been especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, as nations collaborate to establish bio-safety protocols for aircraft and airports.


The Air Research Group United States (ARGUS) protects travelers through airline safety and financial audits. Stratos is regularly audited by two independent agencies: ARGUS and Wyvern. Although they are private (non-government) auditors, ARGUS and Wyvern requirements are exceptionally stringent. These firms look at obvious safety factors such as pilot competence and aircraft maintenance schedules, but also dig deep into the financial records to ensure charter companies are maintaining crew training, sufficient insurance, and overall fiscal integrity. These auditing agencies protect consumers by weeding out disreputable low-cost “jet-marts,” and recognizing “best-in-class” service providers.


Stratos is proud to be part of the non-profit National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). Although not a regulatory agency, the NBAA is a strong voice for the overall health of the private aviation industry. The NBAA is the frontline advocate for regional airport safety, aviation access, scholarships, safety workshops, and environmental balance. Though it may not be visible from the comfort of your jet charter seat, the NBAA has fought to ensure your regional airport is accessible and your aircrew gets the best training through the scholarship program.

What all these agencies have in common is creating trust. When you book a Stratos jet charter flight, you can be assured that the aircraft, crew, and company have met the most rigorous standards in the airline industry. Safety and reliability are not optional. 


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