How to Charter a Private Jet During a Pandemic

Air travel has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Commercial airlines, major airports, and international borders are no longer accessible to travelers. Yet, even in these turbulent times, air travel is still possible for those that really need it. If you need a safe, efficient way to fly, Stratos Jet Charters is a viable alternative.

If you are new to private travel or haven’t traveled privately in awhile, we’ve compiled three tips for chartering a private jet during the current air travel crisis.

Trip Planning & Aircraft Choices

Before you call one of our expert Stratos Private Flight Advisors, you will need to have some basic information handy. We’ll need to know:

·       Departure and destination cities

·       Travel dates

·       Number of people flying

We base our charter aircraft recommendations on that information. If someone in your group has mobility issues or other special needs, please let us know so we can find an appropriate jet.

An image of a private jet charter with wheelchair accessibility. Photo courtesy of Oak Air Ltd.

Some of our clients prefer to do their own research before contacting us. We believe in transparency, and have several research tools available on our website. For example, you can read descriptions of every aircraft in our network on our Private Jet Charter page.  The aircraft are listed by size category. Also, each jet listed has a “COMPARE+” button alongside the description. One-click lets you compare multiple aircraft side-by-side before you charter a private jet.

We also recommend using our Pricing Tool to gauge your potential charter costs. To request a quote, you can use our online Request a Quote form, or call one of our agents at 888-593-9066.

Documentation & Luggage

As with commercial air travel, everyone in your group will require proper passports and documentation.  You and your personal items will have to go through a pre-flight security screening. However, when you charter a private jet, the process is much quicker than on a commercial flight.

Your luggage options depend on the size of the aircraft. Smaller aircraft in our network are designed for one suitcase and one carry-on item per passenger. However, if you want to bring sports equipment, musical instruments or additional luggage, we can certainly help you find a jet with additional baggage capacity.

Boarding & Traveling

When you charter a private jet, your aircraft will probably be departing from a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). This is a major advantage during a pandemic. The private FBO terminal dramatically reduces the number of people you interact with before, during and after your flight.

FBOs provide passengers with the space to practice social distancing while traveling

Social distancing is a legitimate concern, but for now, it is up to the passengers how close together they sit while on a private jet. The aircraft in our network tend to be smaller (6-14 passengers), which means they are easier to decontaminate, and the cabin air is refreshed and filtered rapidly.

These are unprecedented times for the air travel industry and the world as a whole. Though the phrase “air travel safety” now has a new meaning, we still stand by our original commitment. Even in times of pandemic, we will strive to deliver our passengers safely and comfortably with exceptional attention to customer service. 


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