President Obama Once Again Singles Out Business Aviation

NBAA brings up an important topic that as business aviation professionals we should be concerned with… Read below to find out more

October 10, 2012 During last weeks candidate’s debate, President Obama once again spoke of business aviation in pejorative terms. “Why wouldn’t we eliminate tax breaks for corporate jets?” the president asked in his debate remarks. My attitude is if you got a corporate jet, you can probably afford to pay full freight, not get a special break for it. We feel that statement was misleading and easily misconstrued. Equally important, at a time when both candidates claim to be putting job creation at the top of their agenda, it is unfortunate that the president chose to target our industry, which supports 1.2 million American jobs and generates $150 billion in economic impact. Before the presidential debate had even concluded, NBAA responded forcefully with a statement issued to print and broadcast news outlets across the U.S. Our comments have been covered by national organizations, including CNBC, and periodicals read by Capitol Hill staff, including Politico. We will continue working to correct mischaracterizations of business aviation, and explaining why the industry is essential in America today. With this letter, I am asking that you also join us in this battle. Specifically, there are two steps you can take. First, you can help NBAA rally Congress to our cause. You can make sure your elected officials know of the importance of business aviation in your state by visiting NBAA’s online Contact Congress resource and sending a letter we’ve prepared for people in business aviation to highlight the industry’s importance. It is critical that everyone in business aviation reach out to their members of Congress and reiterate that our industry is essential to local communities and the national economy. Second, you can become a Member of NBAA. An old adage states that there’s strength in numbers, and NBAA is proud to represent over 9,000 companies like yours: Companies that rely on business aviation to be successful… companies whose sustainability will be directly affected if business aviation is threatened… companies that are not afraid of a fight. I am asking you to consider joining NBAA today at $225* and ensure we are as strong as possible moving forward against threats like those posed by the president’s remarks this week, and any others we encounter in the years to come. Simply enter Promo Code ACTION225 when prompted in the payment section to take advantage of this special offer. Chris Strong Senior Vice President Member Services National Business Aviation Association

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