With the start of the holiday season right around the corner, now is the best time to begin planning your jet charter flights to your fall and winter destinations. With important holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all falling within the upcoming months, this time of year becomes the busiest travel period for many private jet travelers, significantly lowering the number of aircraft available for your charter flight. Having said that, the longer you wait to begin your booking process, the more difficult it becomes to meet your stringent needs, as pricing and aircraft availability become affected. We recommend that you organize your holiday charter flights over the next couple of weeks to ensure that your travel arrangements are set in place for this holiday season.

The safety, flexibility and reliability that comes along with chartering a jet also adds to the increase in demand. Keep in mind during the colder monts, the arrival of inclement weather, such as thick fog, freezing rain, heavy snow or ice causes hundreds of commercial flight delays and cancellations. Therefore, many holiday travelers choose to fly privately seeing that harsh weather conditions can be avoided by chartering a jet to smaller, alternative airports with milder weather conditions. This advantage ensure private jet travelers reach their destinations safely and on-time during the holiday months.

Before the demand for private air travel increases heavily, book your private charter flight today through Stratos Jet Charters. Our team of aviation experts can find the safest and most well-maintained aircraft for your charter flight at the best available price. Our private flight advisors can provide jet charter services on multiple private aircraft that are well-equipped for cold weather flying. By booking early through Stratos Jets, we can ensure you and your loved ones safely arrive to your destination this fall and winter.