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Embraer Legacy 600
Embraer Legacy 600
Embraer Legacy 600

Legacy 600

Manufacturer:  Embraer
Class:  Heavy Jets
Seating:  10-13/14
Lavatory:  full
Cabin Dimensions:  6.00 x 6.90 x 49.80 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  286
Max Payload:  14,484 lb
Take Off Distance:  5614ft
Climb Rate:  3052 fpm
Cruise Speed:  488 mph
Maximum Range:  3432
Cruise Altitude:  41000 ft

Legacy 600 Highlights

The Legacy 600/EMB-135BJ charter jet is a leading heavy jet from the reputable line of Embraer business aircraft. The 3250 nm range of the Legacy 600 allows it to carry business executives from Dallas on a private jet to Seattle without refueling. In comparison to other business jets in its class, the Legacy 600 offers a more spacious cabin suitable for business meetings or in-flight dinners with its incredible 42-foot-length. The Legacy 600 has a typical configuration that can comfortably handle eight to 12 passengers, with room for a flight attendant and two pilots. This executive jet has an enviable mechanical performance record, boasting 99.7% dispatch reliability. The Legacy 600 executive jet can be configured into three private sections, perfect for simultaneous business dealings. With its large luxury appointed cabin and low-maintenance record, it is no wonder why business leaders and leisure travelers alike choose the Legacy 600 for their private jet charter.

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