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Cessna Citation Excel
Cessna Citation Excel
Cessna Citation Excel

Citation Excel

Manufacturer:  Cessna
Class:  Mid Sized
Seating:  8/11
Lavatory:  Enclosed
Cabin Dimensions:  5.70 x 5.60 x 18.70 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  90
Max Payload:  5200 lb
Take Off Distance:  3590ft
Climb Rate:  3650 fpm
Cruise Speed:  422 mph
Maximum Range:  1678
Cruise Altitude:  45000 ft

Citation Excel Highlights

The Citation Excel/ XLS/ 560XL mid-sized charter jet is one of the latest business jet designs from the American based Cessna Corporation. Adding to the extensive line of Citation aircraft, the Excel is slightly smaller than the super mid-sized Citation X and can carry seven passengers comfortably. The improvements in design give the Citation Excel the most spacious cabin in the light private jet category, with 583 cubic feet of cabin space and an additional 79 cubic feet of storage space. Executives who charter this jet, will feel safer at an altitude of 51,000 feet and will be able to takeoff of runways as short as 4,000 feet. The plush interior of this private jet surrounds its occupants with luxury, and the jet also features a private aft lavatory. From its premium leather, to its hand polished wood grain, only the finest finishes round out this luxury jets aesthetic appeal. Offering a range of up to 1858 nm, the Citation Excel can zoom executives from Dallas on a private jet to Las Vegas , Chicago or Los Angeles without a fuel stop.

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