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Cessna Citation Mustang
Cessna Citation Mustang
Cessna Citation Mustang

Citation Mustang

Manufacturer:  Cessna
Class:  VLJ
Seating:  4-5
Lavatory:  non-belted lav
Cabin Dimensions:  4.50 x 4.60 x 9.80 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  63
Max Payload:  1980 lb
Take Off Distance:  3110ft
Climb Rate:  3010 fpm
Cruise Speed:  367 mph
Maximum Range:  1012
Cruise Altitude:  39000 ft

Citation Mustang Highlights

First flown in 2005, the Citation Mustang charter jet produced by American based Cessna Aircraft Company falls into the recently designated very light jet category. The Citation Mustang allows seating for four passengers and two crewmembers, but is also certified to fly with only one pilot. This private jet was the first in its class to be certified for flight and also the first to be certified to fly into known icing conditions. This private jet has a range of 1150 nm, a cruise speed of 340 mph and can land on runways as short as 2400 ft, giving those who choose to charter the new very light jet from Cessna an amazing degree flight plan flexibility. A non-stop private jet charter of a Citation Mustang allows nonstop travel from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Oklahoma City on a charter flight .

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